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Reviews for Turned On

“Illuminating, witty and written with a wide open mind.” –  Sunday Times

“A lively, waggish guide to these uncharted waters, tracing ethics, sexuality, intimacy and the uncanny.” –  Tatler

“This is an upbeat work of tempered techno-optimism from a 'pro-sex feminist with some radical leanings', and it brings cool rigour to a field ablaze with moral panic…Turned On sets a high standard for accessible academic non-fiction.” – Times Literary Supplement 

“For fans of Humans, Westworld and I, Robot. Or anyone who's ever enjoyed a flirtation with Alexa. Devlin takes us right through the AI revolution and its potential impact on our relationships [with] a relaxed and chatty tone.” –  Cosmopolitan

“One of Devlin's achievements is to humanise the sex robot makers and users – we are invited not to laugh at them, but to understand them.” –  The Times

"Given how readily companion robots lend themselves to clickbait, one might wonder whether the subject merits a book-length inquiry. Computer scientist Kate Devlin dispels any such doubts in the opening pages of Turned On." –  Financial Times

"A creative, optimistic, open-minded exploration of sex robots." – Engineering and Technology

"Turned On is the culmination of three years of research from an expert who was last year listed as one of The Evening Standard’s Most Influential people. Given Kate Devlin’s track record in gender equality campaigns, TED talks and media appearances, there is certainly no guide more qualified to lead the reader through the bizarre, fast-changing and ill-defined intersections between sex and science today." – Erotic Review

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